Software for lawyers and lawyer’s offices


If you need software for lawyers and lawyer’s offices, we have the pleasure to present to you ADVOXY, a computer system for management of secretarial and financial work, documents and calendars of lawyer’s offices.

ADVOXY includes the following modules:

· CUSTOMERS – module for registration of customers of your office with full details of their representatives and contacts.
· PROJECTS – registry of all legal services handled in the office, and their parameters.
· DOCUMENTS – organizer for classified storage of the complete incoming, outgoing mail, and all documents on any project prepared by the office.
· BUDGETS – module for preparation of a preliminary budget of every project with a detailed description of the expected lawyer’s fees and expenses.
· REPORTS – module for actual reporting of the activities performed by each lawyer and employee on a particular project, as well as of the expenses incurred on projects. Activities may be reported as time spent for work or in absolute figures, as the program supports lawyer’s tariffs. Preparation of reports for a given reporting period in the preferred currency and language.
· CALENDARS – journal of court sessions, meetings and tasks with option of forthcoming events reminder.
· INVOICES – module for issuance of pro-forma invoices and invoices. Data is filled automatically on the basis of the work reported, or in free format. There is an option for tracking of payments.
· INQUIRIES – superb option for summarized or detailed information based on data entered in every module, with controlled levels of access and options for exporting in PDF or Excel format and printout. The system offers routine inquiries, as well as the option for the end user to independently make a dynamic set up and modification.
· CHARTS – use ADVOXY to refer to graphical statistics and comparative analyses on: TIME WORKED, PROFITABILITY, OCCUPANCY in a summarized or detailed form represented by customers, employees, types of work and many other parameters.

ADVOXY will enhance your work and the services rendered to your customers, as it provides you with a controlled access, accuracy, completeness and flawlessness of entry, maintenance and use of information.

Since 2006 our computer program for lawyers and lawyer’s offices has been successfully performing in real time conditions in offices of your colleagues and has had excellent references.

We wish you success with your work and would be very pleased to enjoy the opportunity to give our contribution!