Software for lawyers and lawyer’s offices


· It works in a network of unrestricted number of users.
· You work with the program easily and enjoy its intuitive friendly interface: for each operation there is a button with picture or text for the command prompting texts for completing the fields, hint messages, etc. No extended training of your personnel is required in order to work with the system.
· The system offers lists of customers, types of services, etc., which enhances your activities and avoids repeated entry of one and the same data.
· It provides exceptional speed and completeness when making inquiries by most various indications.
· Carries out control of the information being entered, thus eliminating the possibility of errors.
· Due to most advanced program tools and organization of data base, the system does not allow unauthorized access, and complete protection of data is in place.
· We offer support of the system with a guaranteed express term of response.
· It is accompanied by a detailed documentation with operating instructions guidance.
· Can be customized according to your organization of work.
· This system is a perfect combination of optimal price, diverse functionality and aesthetically proven design.